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Currency Exchange

Get Moneybay to conveniently exchange foreign currency from anyone & anywhere. Learn How It Works here.

A New Way To Exchange

We are living in a digital world where there are autonomous cars, digital appliances but yet, we are still queuing up for foreign currency? Many services still make their customers visit their physical outlet and fill-out bits of paper. Despite the hassle, they set their own exchange rate to make money off you.


Best Rates, Greater Savings!

Compare & access many other type of travel financial services to make the smartest exchange. With Moneybay, you enjoy mid-market rates and avoid hidden & extra costs associated with using credit cards abroad, or high exchange rates & rip-offs.

One Stop Travel Services

Your perfect travel app. Moneybay aggregate various travel services within the app such as transportation, hotel booking, mobile roaming, pocket Wi-Fi, visa application, attraction tickets, and many more.


In Your Country

Once Moneybay is supported in your country, you’ll be able to exchange foreign
currency from anyone & anywhere in the world.

Moneybay China

All your favourite Moneybay services now made available through various China based Social Media & Payment Platforms.