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Partner with us by offering currency exchange services and putting your business on the map.

Do you wish to have more tourist visiting your shop?

Studies have shown that consumers prefer to use ATMs in convenient locations or while they are out running errands, rather than the traditional bank ATMs. If you are the owner of a petrol station, you will have the opportunity to bring petrol customers into your store who may not have come inside otherwise. Studies have also shown that customers who come into a store and use an ATM will spend 25% more on store purchases that other customers.

With Moneybay, you can leverage on your existing cash in your shop to allow withdrawals from customers. You only need a smartphone to activate this feature in your shop.

Do you find it a hassle to deposit your cash sales into the bank?

When customers withdraw cash at your shop, Moneybay credits your bank account with the equivalent amount and save your time.

Do you represent a trade association or retailer group?

Moneybay has affiliate partnership to expand the merchant network and would like to extend it to you too. Sign up today!

How It Works


(1) Scan

Scan the customers’ cash voucher or enter order number.


(2) Confirmation

Confirm customers’ details, verify against their identification and disburse accordingly.


(3) Track

Track the amount of cash voucher disbursed.

Frequent Asked Question

How do I contact Moneybay if I have any problems?

Please feel free to email us via for general inquiries.

How do I refer a friend to be a merchant?

Please ask them to sign up through this link and include you as a referral.

How can I find out more about the payment cycles?

You will receive a recap on your performance to help you keep track of how much you have disbursed within the week, while cash out typically occurs on a weekly basis.

Be part of Our Cash-Collection Network Today.