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Welcome to Moneybay Support – We’re here to help.

We have dutifully compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions for your convenience.
If you can’t find your answer within the HELP section, please contact us at and we will respond to you shortly.

What is Moneybay?

Moneybay is an online money changing platform service provider for Individuals and Businesses by Moneybay Tech Sdn Bhd.

Who is eligible to use ``Individual Account`` for Moneybay service?

The service of Moneybay can be used by any individual who are 18 years of age and above, possess a valid Photo ID (passport for a foreigner and IC for a Malaysian Citizen).

Who is eligible to use ``Business Account`` for Moneybay service?

The service of Moneybay can be used by any registered businesses in Malaysia.

How do I use Moneybay service?

Step 1: Registration
Visit , click “Login” button on the home page and click on “Join us now” to complete the registration Form.

Step 2: Purchase
Place your order; make your payment via online payments gateway and collect your currencies at the listed Moneybay partner branches the following working day. Furthermore, you may contact the money exchange office directly should you require further clarifications.

Step 3: Verification & Collection
Kindly upload a scanned copy of your identity documents (NRIC /Driving License for Malaysian citizens or Passport /Visa for non-Malaysian Citizens) to your Moneybay account. Submit your identification document for verification (Customer Due Diligence process) at the chosen Moneybay partner branch when the collecting the currencies. Please contact our Help Line should you need further assistance.

Why is it required for corporate and individual to submit documents?

It is a regulatory requirement for the purpose of Customer Due Diligence. Customer needs to be verified physically against the submitted documents.

The currency I require is not listed online. What should I do?

Moneybay Tech Sdn Bhd offers most currencies online, however, if the currency you require is not listed online, please proceed to the nearest Moneybay partner branches or please contact our Help Line if you need further assistance.

How can I view the exchange rates?

You can view the currency exchange rates from the main page of our website or from the Mobile Application. The rate and the converted rate will appear once you have selected one of our Moneybay partners as the merchant.

Can I select the currency denomination?

Moneybay does provide this facility as a special request but it’s subject to the availability.

Can I sell currency through Moneybay?

Moneybay do not offer “SELL” facilities. If you need to sell a currency, you are welcome to visit or call any of our Moneybay partner branches.

When am I able to collect my purchase?

Once a purchase is made, the customer is able to collect their currecy at the selected partner branches the FOLLOWING WORKING DAY. Customers will have up to SEVEN DAYS to collect purchased currencies. After 7 days, Moneybay reserves the right to collect on your behalf and conduct a refund subject to the existing rates at that point of time.

Should you require to collect your currency immediately, please contact the currency exchange office directly. The contact information can be found on your purchased receipt or on Moneybay Apps. You may also reach out to us at for assistance.

Are there any additional charges & GST for Moneybay transactions?

Moneybay impose a transaction fee payable for each online purchase, for both self collection and delivery. The transaction fees is to cover the cost of online payments.  Further Delivery Service Charges only applies for premium delivery. Each of these fees are stated clearly before making payment & checkout for your order.

How much can I order?
Details Personal Account
Limit Per Day RM 10K
Limit Per Month RM 150K

Moneybay imposed a transaction limit of RM10,000 per day. However it also depends on the customer’s daily transaction limit set by their own respective bank.

What is the payment methods currently supported?

Direct Bank Transfer is available. We do not accept Credit Cards transaction at the moment.

What is the minimum transaction amount?

The minimum transaction amount will be RM300 per currency. For a smaller amount of currency transaction, please visit or call any of our Moneybay partner branches.

Will I receive transaction confirmation?

Yes, once Moneybay has obtained the payment authorization from your merchant or service provider, transaction confirmation slip will be automatically sent to the registered email address.

My order was successful but I haven’t received a confirmation email. What do I do?

If your confirmation email is not received within five minutes:

  • Please check your junk / spam mail box.
  • Refer to your email settings to mark Moneybay emails as acceptable.

Note: If you ordered using a company email address, our email may have been blocked by your company.

or you can re-log in to Moneybay and check the status of the transaction. In the event, if you still fail to retrieve your pin number, please contact Moneybay customer careline

How secure is the Moneybay website secure?

Moneybay ensures the highest level of security for its payment platforms. We use industry standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to encrypt all personal data transmissions. This means personal and payment information passed between your computer and our website cannot be read by a third party.

How is my personal information handled by Moneybay?

All personal information you provide when using the website is handled in accordance with our privacy policy.

Where can I pick up my currency?

You collect your currency purchase from selected Moneybay Partner branches.

What delivery options do you offer?

Earliest delivery options are only made available the FOLLOWING WORKING DAY after the purchase date.

What do I do if my order is not delivered on the date I selected?

Please contact our Helpline immediately.

Can I amend my transaction?

Amendments are not allowed after making payment. However, for urgent matters you may contact the money exchange office directly.

Can I cancel my transaction?

All transactions cannot be cancelled. However, if you have any further enquiries, please contact us at

I received an e-mail from Moneybay asking for personal details. What should I do?

We at Moneybay will never ask you to click on a link that directs you to enter or confirm security information. Please contact our Help Line immediately if you are in doubt regarding the authenticity of an email sent by Moneybay.

How do I change my password?

You can do so by clicking the “Click here to Reset Password” link at the bottom of Log in Page

How can I contact the Help Line?

Please contact us at

Can I amend the personal details after the registration is done?

Certain amendments can be done by self-service via the system such as change of email address & change of password and any other personal details amendment need to be made by contacting the customer care.

Can I authorized someone to collect the currencies on behalf of me?

We do not allow third party collection.

How do I disable the pop-up blocker?

Internet Explorer

  1. Click on the “Tools” menu at the top of your screen or hold down “ALT” and hit “T” on your keyboard
  2. Select “Pop-Up Blocker”
  3. Select “Turn Off Pop-Up Blocker”

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Click on the “Tools” menu at the top of your screen or hold down “ALT” and hit “T” on your keyboard
  2. Select “Options”
  3. Select “Content” from the Options menu
  4. Untick “Block pop-up windows” and click “OK”