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A Malaysian-Breed Story

Ever felt the frustration being stuck in the traffic, hassle of queuing up for your foreign currency and worried about the foreign exchange rates?

Moneybay started out due to these frustrations and in search for the best available rates possible. It was also the time and technology were right to shake-up this stagnant industry. Instead of offering various money exchange service with different parties, Moneybay aggregate various travel services within the app such as transportation, hotel booking, mobile roaming, pocket Wi-Fi, visa application, attraction tickets, and many more. Perhaps, a better way to solve most of your travel frustration.

In 2017, it was announced that Moneybay had received the backing of both private angel investor and venture capital. Moneybay continues to expand internationally – launching third party travel services such as Agoda, Booking, Flexiroam, iVisa, KKday, Klook, redBus, Wiyo, 12GoAsia, and many more. Even as Moneybay grows, we remain customer centric on delivering a one stop travel solution to our customers – you.